The next live, online Recovery Coaching course will be starting on Sunday, 14th March 2021.

The course includes four 3-hour workshops and weekly integration and support calls for 12 weeks.

Workshops will be on Sundays @ 9:00am - 12:00pm (SAST)

Weekly call will on Tuesdays @ 11:00am - 12:30pm(SAST)

Dates and Zoom details will be shared on registration.

Who is U-ACT?

The Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (U-ACT) is committed to train, empower and treat those challenged with substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders.

The Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training is where we train recovery and business coaches, peer recovery specialists and EAP professionals. We offer a variety of training solutions, within our own organisation as well with our global partners.

The training academy is accredited by the International Coaches Register (ICR) who is ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED (Lloyd's Register Netherlands) and registered with United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). The organisation is committed to the highest quality of training and ethical standards of practice.

U-ACT is a Section 18A Trust, Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Registered Non-Profit (NPO).

What do we do at U-ACT?

  • We train certified recovery coaches and peer recovery specialists.
  • We offer personal recovery programmes to individuals wanting to build a meaningful, sustainable recovery
  • We offer wellness solutions to organisations and Employee Assistance Programme providers.
  • We empower individuals, organisations and communities to create solutions to address substance use and addictive behaviour disorders.
  • We collaborate with communities and organisations to create systemic wellness.
  • We work in communities to support grassroots development around recovery coaching.
  • We partner with other organisations to create coaching and training solutions for a global market.

Who are our programmes for?

  • Individuals who are interested in deepening their own recovery.
  • Family and friends with loved ones who are battling with unhealthy relationships with substances and dysfunctional behaviours.
  • People passionate about helping others to move forward in recovery and wellness.
  • Professionals working in substance use treatment and recovery programmes who want to expand their skill set.
  • Community members and leaders who want to empower and support those in their areas.
  • Human resources and organisational development expert wanting to support their teams around systemic wellness.

U-ACT Initiatives and Programmes

The Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust is also involved in supporting the following empowerment programmes

U-ACT Schools' Programme

The U-ACT Schools' Programme is an empowering solution to supporting learners in grades seven and ten schools that are not able to fund support programmes. The learners are introduced to peer support coaching, and using problem-solving, communication, goal-setting and other practical tools to support one another and overcome challenges in their lives uses healthy effective practices.


Community Training

U-ACT supports communities challenged with substance use and addictive behaviour disorders by running community-development training using the systemic modality of Recovery Coaching. The training is aimed at empowering communities to support themselves through the use of solutions-based tools and methodologies. The ethos of Ubuntu is at the forefront of our community work.


Wellness in the Workplace

Systemic wellness ensures that organisations are better equipped to deal with challenging times and situations. Through effective communication which creates trust, rapport and inclusive, teams and individuals are engaged in positive feedback loops and diversity, transformation, inclusion, professional growth and productivity can be addressed from a healthy perspective.