About the U-ACT Recovery Coaches

U-ACT Recovery Coaches are trained in the systemic model of coaching. This model is aimed at creating and supporting recovery and wellness for the individual, as well as within their personal and professional relationships and environments.

Many of the coaches have lived experience in recovery, and as coaches support the idea of multiple pathways to recovery, and possess compassion and empathy into the process of achieving meaningful, sustainable recovery.

Our coaches are under ongoing supervision and are engaged in professional and personal development to ensure that they are able to best support their clients.

U-ACT coaches are part of a professional coaching community. U-ACT is an accredited training body, and our coaches are registered with the International Coach Register.

Individual Coaching

Coaches are trained to support clients on an individual basis to develop recovery plans that are achievable, sustainable and meaningful. The process is client-centred and driven by the ethos that everyone is their own best resource. Coaches simply facilitate a process in which individuals are able to define and live their authentic truths.

Family & Couple Coaching

An essential element of recovery and wellness is the opportunity to work with the client's close personal family and support system. This creates awareness and deeper understanding, and gives everyone the chance to move forward in a supportive and compassionate way. It creates a safe environment for courageous conversations and growth.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an empowering and transformative way to create recovery capital, and deepen personal and professional wellness. Peer support and adult education are fundamental elements of the group process in which their is understanding, relatedness and autonomy for individuals to create a strong recovery foundation.